Sales & Marketing Director

Male candidate. Age 35-38 years old. Bachelor’s or Master’s University degree in Business Administration; major Sales, Marketing or Distribution, from well-reputed universities.

Min. 7-10 years of sales and marketing experience in the Skin care, cosmetics, soaps preferably  sector, with at least 3-5 years as Sales & Marketing Manager, or Commercial Manager (handling both sales & marketing functions) or related within well-established preferably large local, regional or multinational distribution companies in Lebanon, the Gulf area or Africa.


Lebanese national, having a previous sales & marketing experience  at senior levels of similar types of products: Skin care, cosmetics, detergents and soaps (preferably) –being aggressive, pushy, and at the same time good talker, creating bonds with clients, and solving issues/keeping clients satisfied.


Having worked as a sales & marketing manager for few years is important, covering large markets. Someone who understands that he has to push sales on the ground [hands-on], be involved in creating very strong relations with large distributors to keep them satisfied to ensure a continuous sales growth, and who knows how to keep sales people motivated through a smart and attractive incentive scheme, well controlled, is key for success.


Someone who understands the importance of continuous reporting to upper management without being pushed to do so, thus avoiding surprises.

Someone who values the importance of market intelligence, investing a lot of personal effort in always being up to date with whatever competition is going to do before they do it, so that he can trigger preventive vs. reactive initiatives. This is key to success in such businesses in Nigeria.


Built through managerial experience some understanding of Income Statement basics. Understands product mix impact on gross profits, and Sales/Distribution cost impact on operating profits.


Strong exposure to sale strategies and planning. Strong team management experience.

Driven for results. Good leaderships skills. Business Acumen. Problem solver. Customer/Client Focus. Excellent understanding of the full marketing mix. Experienced in identifying target audiences and planning campaigns. Proven ability to develop brand and marketing strategies and effectively communicate recommendations to executive management. Advanced communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. Bilingual: Arabic/English. Computer literate

Interested candidates to email their CVs in Strict Confidentiality to Mr. Robert: