Roger Y. Dib

Founder and Director of the Near East Consulting Group (NECG)

Before founding his own firm, Mr. Dib was a Consultant for 6 years at Mckinsey & Company Inc., an International Management Consulting Firm, where he spent the first two years between the Paris and London offices, before moving to the Cleveland office. Before that Mr. Dib was resident consultant at Mckinsey – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from July 1977 to May 1978.
Prior to joining Mckinsey, Mr. Dib was an Engineering Consultant for 3 years with the largest Engineering Consulting firm in the Middle East, Dar Al-Handassah (Shaïr and Partners).
Mr. Dib holds an MBA with distinction from INSEAD, the International Business School in Fontainebleau, France. In addition, Mr. Dib holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the American University of Beirut, Lebanon.
 As the Director of NECG and in his years of experience with Mckinsey, Mr. Dib has worked in many countries for numerous clients in different industries, in both the public and private sectors such as international contracting, steel, aerospace, electronics, furniture... His work focused primarily on the areas of strategy, institutional building, organization, family business, governance, project management, operations, and acquisitions.
 Besides his consulting activities, Mr. Dib is actively involved in Lebanon's public life.
In March 1991, he was appointed Minister of State in the National Government of Lebanon, in charge of translating the National Entente Accord into public policies, laws and public institutions.
Furthermore and during his mandate, Mr. Dib submitted to the council of ministers a detailed study concerning the Government Administrative Reform and Decentralization, where he highlighted the actual deficiencies in the Administration and proposed new guidelines for necessary rectifications and for restructuring the public sector.
Mr. Dib also played a major role in launching a government and national debate about Privatization and Decentralization in Lebanon. During and after his mandate, he gave a number of lectures and participated in debates about the Lebanese economy and wrote essays about economical and structural reforms in Lebanon.
In 2011, he wrote a book in Arabic entitled "Loubnan al Moustaker" (or for a Stable Lebanon), published by Dar AnNahar, which sets out a vision and a roadmap to transform Lebanon into a stable and functional country.
Today, Mr. Dib is a member in the National Committee of Christian / Muslim Dialogue in Lebanon.
 In addition to his consulting and public life involvement, Mr. Dib is active in the academic and professional management fields. In this respect, he authored & delivered several conferences on topics such as "Pricing in Industrial Markets", "Diversification in the Gas Industry", "Strategic Planning", etc. to a various audiences at Harvard Business School, Michigan Business School, a panel of top executives in the Gas Industry in Washington D.C. and published articles about Joint Ventures in International Business in International Magazines.
In Lebanon, Mr. Dib co-founded the Lebanese Chapter of the Insead Alumni Association in 1984. He also delivered lectures in universities, participated in panels on privatization, & published many specialized articles in most widely read Lebanese newspapers & magazines.