Feasibility Study for a New IT Company Start-Up

NECG was engaged by a major multi-business Group in Lebanon, to assess the opportunity of expanding its IT Department’s services to external clients, locally and regionally.
After successfully completing the development of the IT Group’s infrastructure (Hardware, Software and Networking), the Group’s IT Department serving all the companies Group, was facing a dormant phase with few challenging projects upcoming. Thus, in order to retain the outstanding human talent recruited and...

Market Study to Assess the Home Furniture & Bricolage Markets in Lebanon

In considering whether to acquire a new franchise for mid to high end Home Furniture & Accessories and to open a showroom of 2500 – 3000 m2 in a retail Mall, the owners of a Department Store approached NECG to conduct a preliminary market survey aimed at understanding the economics and competitive dynamics for the “Home Furniture & Accessories” market in Lebanon.
In parallel, the Client engaged NECG to conduct the same study for the “Bricolage” market in Lebanon.

Locations Evaluation for the Geographical Expansion of a major Retail Developer

Amidst the increasing competition for Malls, a major industry player wanted to look for opportunities to expand its operation geographically within Lebanon
Four locations were pre-selected as the most promising for such an expansion.

NECG’s mission was to compare these locations and highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each (no in-depth financial analysis or sales estimates were requested by the client).

Several criteria were used to establish...

Feasibilty Study to Acquire a New Franchise for a Major Retailer

Apparel and related products imports to Lebanon amount to around half a billion USD, around 5 percent of total imports to Lebanon.
A major local retailer wanted to assess the feasibility of becoming the sole distributor of an international leading brand for the Lebanese market and engaged NECG to conduct the study.

The mission’s objective was to develop a presentation to the International Brand Manufacturer, that would (1) highlight the potential and characteristics...

Turnaround Assistance for a Leading Consumer Durables Distributor

The client company was in the business of representing and distributing several agencies of electronic and electrical appliances. It acted mainly as a wholesaler and also operated two of its own showrooms

However, several developments (extreme competitiveness of the sector, increased concentration at the retail level, pressure from suppliers to be more active on the retail side, inadequate operating cash flow and increasing debts to banks, etc.) have put pressure for...