Family Constitution Elaboration Engagement for a Family Business in Lebanon and the MENA region

May 2, 2014

For a large family business now in the 2nd and 3rd generation of owners, NECG worked with the majority shareholder, chairman and CEO in preparing the Family Constitution. The Constitution covers 1) Mission, vision and values of the family, 2) Ownership principles: Shareholders’ rights and responsibilities, Equity distribution and voting rights, Transfer of shares and liquidity needs, Return on investments and dividends distribution, 3) Family Governance: Role of the family members,...

Evaluating the Housing Finance Markets in Egypt and Algeria

In association with an American leading Strategy Consulting Firm “Monitor Group”, NECG participated actively in evaluating the Housing Finance market opportunity in Egypt and Algeria, developing strategies to grow the housing finance market and identifying opportunities of investment for the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

IFC was interested in investigating the feasibility of establishing a market-oriented housing finance system in Algeria and Egypt, which could...

Evaluating the Gas Industry Market in Egypt and Assessing a Local Partner

For a major European Industrial Gas Company, NECG conducted a feasibility study to evaluate the Egyptian market in general, its threats and opportunities, and the gas industry market in particular.

The mission had 3 objectives:

Present an overall perspective on the investment environment in Egypt, including risks and opportunities: Country positioning in the region, Economic indicators, trends, economic and political risks, privatization programs, experience...

Assisting a Regional Diversified Group in Formulating Corporate and Business Units' Strategies

For a leading and diversified Family-Owned Group with local and regional operations, NECG was engaged to assist the Executive Board (1) in formulating Corporate and Business Unit Strategies and (2) in improving Governance in the Group by helping the Executive Board to clarify and fully endorse its role.

In order to conduct its mission, NECG divided the project in two phases:

  Phase I was aimed at assisting the Executive Board in   setting...

Feasibility Study for a Regional Expansion Project for a Leading Manufactrurer in Lebanon

A major Lebanese Industrial Group looking to expand its regional markets into North Africa, was considering investing in a new factory in Sudan. A team of the Group’s Senior Managers and Business Development Managers had already traveled several times to Sudan to assess the feasibility of the Project and had issued a recommendation to go-ahead with the investment.
Looking for a second opinion, the Group’s Chairman engaged NECG to validate the conclusion of the Management Team....