Family Business in Lebanon Ownership structure mission

November 30, 2017

For a large industrial family, with conflicting relations between 2 brothers and 2 sisters and a neutral father, NECG helped change their ownership structure through an amicable buy-out of 2 siblings by the other 2. The engagement included a valuation, shareholders and sales agreements. This mission lasted around 18 months of very intense negotiations & meetings, and included leading a team of 4 professionals (lawyers and financiers) to finalize all the legal and financial aspects....

Conflit Resolution & Governance Consulting Mission for a Family Business in Lebanon

February 1, 2017

We have recently worked with the second generation of a family-owned very successful automotive distribution business. The mission mostly focused on putting in place the tools and systems to resolve conflicts between 3 brothers who present a wide age gap, with the elder brother in charge of the family business for over 30 years, while the two younger brothers joined since 8 and 4 years.
While the skills of the brother are complimentary and all useful for the success of the business...

Family & Corporate Governance Consulting Mission in Lebanon & MENA

November 2, 2016

Since 2007, we have been working with a Second Generation Shipping Family Business established in Greece on a Family & Corporate Governance mission.

As a first phase, We assisted our clients in settling Partnership & Ownership issues especially with regards to exit of a major shareholder. We then help them ensure a proper implementation of Governance mechanisms through the Board of Directors meetings and Advisory Board meetings. We addressed both Family and Corporate...

Family Business & Governance consulting mission

July 30, 2015

Our latest consultancy mission was with a large family owned industrial business, specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of furniture. We worked with the Family business owners on drawing a clear separation between governance and management functions and roles mostly through conducting the following: Establishing a Board of Directors, and its decision-making system; coaching the brothers and sisters of the 2nd generation to become effective Board members; restructuring the...

General Family Business & Management Consultancy mission

May 4, 2015

For a large family-owned holding operating over 25 companies in 5 different sectors (agriculture, horticulture, viniculture, construction and Telecom) NECG worked with the major shareholders towards a project for a family constitution aiming at: (1) Redesigning governance, by redefining the role and structure of the Group Board and by introducing other governing entities per sector or per company depending on the status of each; (2) Preparing a Shareholders’ Agreement and organizing...