Sewing up lower costs from falling commodity prices

By McKinsey Quarterly


Apparel and footwear companies should be helped by tumbling commodity prices, especially for oil and cotton. But many miss out on significant savings by failing to truly understand their value chains.

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Talent Trends 2014

By LnkedIn

What’s on the minds of the professional workforce


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2015 Global Recruiting Trends

By LnkedIn

Win the war for talent by staying ahead of these industry changes


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When Networks Become Shackles for Aspiring Leaders

By Insead Knowledge


Maneuvering into a position of power requires building relationships that could restrain you later if left unchecked.


The eight essentials of innovation

Article|McKinsey Quarterly

Strategic and organizational factors are what separate successful big-company innovators from the rest of the field.


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How Emotional Intelligence Became a Key Leadership Skill

By Harvard Business Review


Anyone trying to come up to speed on emotional intelligence would have a pretty easy time of it since the concept is remarkably recent, and its application to business newer still.


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