Organization & Restructuring

Our experience in company organization and the structuring it entails, gives us an edge in devising the most functionally and operationally effective structures and allocating the best human resource for them while approaching structure design, we aim to ensure synchronous operations that will help the company achieve its strategic objectives within the company-specific culture.
After getting to know the organization's internal and external environments, we assist companies in the following areas:

  • Redesigning the organization structure, and assisting management in its implementation.
  • Writing job descriptions for senior management, pivotal positions and new positions created.
  • Providing assistance in evaluating and selecting candidates for new positions created, or recruiting for these positions through our Executive Search department (link to the department)

On-going Management & Turnaround assistance

We have been engaged by the Executive Boards of several under-performing, distressed companies to assist senior management in devising and implementing turnaround initiatives.
Our intervention covers an array of services:

  • We start by a quick gathering of facts to diagnose the situation and achieve a rapid understanding of operational and financial challenges and opportunities faced by our client.
  • We move on to establish a turnaround roadmap, where we segregate actions in urgent priorities that will stabilize the crisis situation and longer term initiatives that will address the root problems that led to under performance. These initiatives could be any of the following:
    •  Developing recommendations for and assisting senior management in rapidly securing adequate liquidity.
    • Reviewing and improving working capital policies.
    • Ensuring the existence of leadership that is capable of executing the turnaround plan and assisting if need be in recruiting for key positions involved in managing the turnaround.
    •  Developing an organization restructuring plan while; redefining the management and reporting structures and clarifying job descriptions and authorities.
    • Developing a cost-reduction plan.
    • Establishing and implementing new financial and budgeting systems.
    • Identifying when possible, opportunities to divest; non-core assets.
    • Facilitating the implementation of the plan by ensuring participation, communication and commitment at all levels of the organization.

CEO Time Management

NECG developed a product to assist CEOs reach a higher level of performance by providing them with support and advisory services on CEO Time Management. It includes, among other elements:

  • Time Management Software to set, categorize and track continuously the CEO's time usage
  • Training of the CEO's office staff on using the module and issuing periodical reports. This will allow the CEO to perform periodical reviews on his time usage and compare it with budgeted time.
  • NECG could also provide follow-up, assistance and advice to the CEO on corrective measures needed

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