NECG has an exhaustive experience in helping companies put in place their (1) Governance Architecture, (2) define the modus operandi of those Governance entities and (3) develop authorities’ matrix that will highlight the involvement of the decision maker at different level of the organization.

In addition, NECG has acted as the advisor for the Chairmen and Boards of several family and non family businesses for ensuring that effective governance structure and principles are in place.

We have offered advice to Boards regarding their various roles and responsibilities, such as:

  • Initiating the strategies for addressing risks faced by companies, strategic business units and / or divisions in the Group.
  • Assessing and reviewing the portfolio of business activities.
  • Reviewing and approving any major transactions (acquisitions / divestitures), new business opportunities or changes in business direction.
  • Advising on potential synergies amongst the different companies, strategic business units and / or divisions and countries where the group is present.
  • Providing leadership for the different companies / divisions / business units, in the Group.

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