This is not just a Center but a multi-dimensional methodology that has been proven to be highly effective in selecting the right people, promoting the best qualified and developing high potentials.

It consists of multiple assessment tools of multiple competencies, enabling the company to identify the Star Performers and True Talents to hire and grow. A comprehensive feedback on their strengths and areas for development helps prepare the Candidates for the job vacancy, the next promotion or new role and function.

The process is based on Job Analysis, Competencies Mapping, and a Combination of Situational Exercises and Job Simulations that approximate closely the role and responsibilities the Candidate is expected to handle. These include: E-tray of streaming emails, Case Analysis, Fact-finding Exercises, Group Dynamics, Role Plays and Management Judgment Tests and other proven assessment instruments.

We all know the high cost and disruption of wrong hires or promotions.
The assessment center methodology is particularly useful for selecting and developing Junior, Middle and Senior level Management through tackling real life business problems. A menu of over 250 exercises and simulations allow the use of the most appropriate combination for each job level and function in major industries and sectors.

The in-depth assessment is a one day experience involving multiple evaluation techniques under the objective observation and rating by a team of Certified Assessors with several years of experience.

We use the best tools currently applied internationally, adapting them to the local culture.

It is worth mentioning that the Assessment and Development Center methodology is rated by professional practitioners as the most valid predictor of performance on the job

The state-of-the art Assessment & Development Center is managed in-house by NECG for the convenience of our clients who do not need any more to travel abroad for such a specialized service.

We shall be glad to discuss the potential benefits to your company of the Assessment and Development Center and how it could enhance your competitive edge.

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