Our services include assisting our clients in the following:

  • Organizing and preparing internally for the transaction (Steering committee, Project task force, financial statement preparation, mapping the legal situation of the company, etc.).
  • Defining the profile of ideal target partners and identifying a pool of potential investors or joint venture partners.
  • Deciding how broadly to market the offer.
  • Selecting the appropriate investment bank or financial institution, if and when applicable.
  • Assessing the synergies and fit with potential partners and performing an assessment of their attractiveness (Management capabilities, financial performance, markets, etc.)
  • Performing internal valuations, advising on shares’ pricing and on financing alternatives.
  • Advising on equity and partnership structures.
  • Assisting in conducting negotiations with potential partners and in preparing Letters of Intent, Memorandums of Understanding and Shareholders Agreements covering Capital, Governance and Management / Operations issues
  • Offering management support during post-mergers integration

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