General HR Consulting

To succeed, companies must endorse best practices in human resources management that ensure they attract, recruit and retain the best talent, train their staff and develop them, set clearly articulated goals and tasks that translate the corporate strategy into reality, measure staff performance, and make sure that knowledge is retained within their company and transmitted to future employees.

Drawing on its extensive experience in managing HR Projects outsourced to NECG, we can assists companies in the following

  • Establish the building blocks of a successful Human Resources Management Function
  •  Ensure that the following systems and processes are carefully designed and implemented:
    • Developing a "Best Recruiter" Pole Position,
    • Developing High-Potential Tracking Programs
    • Succession Planning
    • Turnover management

HR Surveys

Human Resources Surveys are a proven tool in the effective management of an organization, and can play a significant role in assisting any organization in meeting its objectives.

NECG offers the following survey services customized to your company's needs:

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement: The results highlight problems and opportunities and provide solutions for achieving improvements in the performance of your employees and your company.
  • Employee Turnover Surveys/Employee Retention Surveys/Exit Interview Surveys - For organizations experiencing high levels of employee turnover across the company or in specific departments, our surveys identify the causes of turnover and provide information for reducing turnover.

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