May 4, 2015

For a large family-owned holding operating over 25 companies in 5 different sectors (agriculture, horticulture, viniculture, construction and Telecom) NECG worked with the major shareholders towards a project for a family constitution aiming at: (1) Redesigning governance, by redefining the role and structure of the Group Board and by introducing other governing entities per sector or per company depending on the status of each; (2) Preparing a Shareholders’ Agreement and organizing ownership and partnership relations, covering areas of regulating transfer of shares, succession in ownership and in management, family members employment, incentive systems for non-family executives and managers and the creation of a family office; (3) Assessing the business portfolio of the Group and developing corporate and business unit strategies; and (4) preparing one company for selling-out 30% of its shares to a private equity fund and for conducting negotiations and structuring the deal with the buyers.

Today joined the Advisory Board of the family Holding, advising on family issues such as retirement and succession planning, and business portfolio strategy and companies performance monitoring along with HR top management and pivotal positions reviews