Apparel and related products imports to Lebanon amount to around half a billion USD, around 5 percent of total imports to Lebanon.
A major local retailer wanted to assess the feasibility of becoming the sole distributor of an international leading brand for the Lebanese market and engaged NECG to conduct the study.

The mission’s objective was to develop a presentation to the International Brand Manufacturer, that would (1) highlight the potential and characteristics of the Lebanese apparel retail market, (2) reveal the strengths of the client and (3) suggest retail strategies as well as a business plan

After gathering required information from our client and studying the International brand’s characteristics, NECG team focused on secondary data and our own database to estimate potential sales, find the fit between the image of the international brand and our Client’s stores, and build a convincing and professional presentation and business plan.

The presentation covered the market and competitive outlook, distribution and merchandising strategies, sales and pricing strategies, along with a business plan.

Shortly after the work was presented to the International Brand Manufacturer, our Client received a sample collection of the brand to test its sales and later received approval and acquired the title of sole distributor for the brand in Lebanon.