NECG developed over the last 30 years a Family Business Practice that focuses on serving Family Businesses that constitute the local Business Community in Lebanon, the Middle East and southern Europe.

Throughout our various engagements with family owned businesses, we developed a significant body of experience in the following areas:

  • Establishing family councils / family offices.
  • Drafting family constitutions.
  • Assisting family members in defining their various roles as owners, managers/ employees, and family members.
  • Designing governance architectures and mechanisms such as board membership, relation of board to other family members, best practices for boards’ modus operandi, etc.
  • Addressing fiduciary issues such as change in the ownership structure of the company, buying and selling shares of the family business, dividends policies, and personal loans to shareholders, etc.
  • Preparing succession to future generations
  • Insertion of succeeding generations within the management of the family owned business.
  • Eligibility and employment standards, compensation and performance reviews of employed family members, etc.
  • Dealing with family members as third party business partners.
  • Devising policies for jointly owned real-estate property, community involvement, education of family members, shared family funds, etc.

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