The product, also called multi-rater Assessment or multi-source Feedback, is an effective instrument for Performance Improvement and Personal Development. 

 It provides the individuals being evaluated with a 360° assessment by their direct reports, peers and managers familiar with their work, in addition to a self-assessment. In some cases, external sources such as customers, suppliers or other interested stakeholders can be involved in the process.

The 360 questionnaire is designed to elicit feedback from the raters who evaluate each individual on defined items related to behaviors, attributes and competencies which are considered as job success indicators in your specific organization and reflect your particular cultural characteristics.

The 360 survey is followed with a timely constructive feedback session whereby the person receives an analysis of the data collected from the multiple raters comparing their perception to self perception on job performance factors.

An experienced coach provides a personalized guidance to each individual on interpreting the results, enhancing awareness of performance issues and designing a development plan for areas needing improvements.

We do not advise to link the outcome of 360 Feedback to compensation decisions as the process becomes emotionally charged, raises up resistance and loses its acceptance by the Participants as a genuine performance improvement and personal development tool.

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