Family Business Consulting

We specialize in helping family businesses thrive, be well governed and succeed in transitions and successions

Governance & Board Management

We assist companies in establishing a sound governance structure and in improving their Boards effectiveness.

Human Resources Consulting

We assist clients building a solid HR function aligned with the Group strategy and help them understand the motivations of their workforces through Exit and Engagement Surveys.


We help clients improve their performance by working with them to put in place a future-looking strategy that positions them for success.


We help clients achieve to design organization structures that are aligned with their business needs

M&A Advisory

We advise on company sales, mergers and acquisition in the MENA region.

Feasibility Studies

We provide organizations with the needed insight, viable information and analysis to assess the feasibility of new business venture

Company Valuation

We assist clients in the valuation of their company and in improving their financial management abilities

Public Sector

We assist public sector institutions in different areas such as reorganization, restructuring, planning and management of projects